The Breeze Band
“A Beach Music Treasure”

On July 4, 1980, a group of talented musicians from eastern North Carolina set out on a journey that would ultimately take them throughout the Southeastern United States, gain them thousands of devoted fans, see them inducted into the Beach Music Hall of Fame, earning 5 CAMMY Awards and establish them as one of beach music’s all-time best—The Breeze Band.

Classic beach music hits like You’ve Got to Forget Him”; “Lovers Holiday”, “Let’s Get Away”; and “Baby Girl” are still among the most requested songs on beach music radio and The Breeze Band's live performances.



The band went from “thumping” eastern North Carolina to a seventeen year stint in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. During this time, The Breeze Band dominated the beach music scene like no other. The untimely death of the band’s legendary singer, Dink Perry, almost silenced The Breeze and left a huge void in beach music. With the encouragement of Dink’s family, former band members, other beach music groups and countless fans, a group of original Breeze Band members resurrected the “brand” and sound that helped make Dink Perry and The Breeze Band a beach music treasure and “brings it back” to where it all began – eastern North Carolina.

The Breeze Band’s signature sound, featuring tight vocal harmonies, polished brass and rhythm sections, along with state-of- the- art sight and sound system enables them to perform a varied list of well-known and original songs from genres including beach, soul, R&B, and the classics. Their specialty includes private parties, wedding receptions, festivals, corporate and other special events.

Check Out The Breeze Band's 1989 Performance at The CBMA



Lover’s Holiday
1. You’ve Got to Forget Him Darling
2. If it is That Way
3. We’re in This Thing Together
4. Dancin’ in the Moonlight
5. Lover’s Holiday
6. Save it for a Rainy Day
7. Between Hello And Goodbye
8. Lou Rawls Medley
9. Keep On Lovin’ You

Something Serious

1. Some Kind Of Wonderful
2. Friends
3. Should Be Me
4. No One
5. Baby Girl
6. Where Would You Be
7. Lonely Nights
8. Lie to Me
9. Something Serious
10. Tears of a Clown
11. Live it Up
12. People Get Ready

Second Wind


1. Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me
2. Lets Stay Together
3. Blue
4. Trickle Trickle
5. I Want You Babe
6. So Fine
7. Just Can’t Get you Out of My Mind
8. You’re My Blessing
9. Fatback And Corn Liquor
10. She Used To Be My Girl
11. Mustang Sally
12. Turn Back the Hands Of Time
13.Bring Out The Boogie

By Request

1. Let’s Get Away
2. All Around The World
3. True Love
4. Well-A-Wiggy
5. Sooner Or Later
6. Who's Cadillac Is That
7. Sweet Beach Music
8. Lou Rawls Medley
9. Stop Lovin' Me, Stop Lovin' You
10. Second Time Around

More to come!!!